Banteng Hunt

Australian Outfitters by Andrew Mackay offers Banteng hunting in the beautiful Outback. Banteng are a species of bovine showcasing a unique set of curved horns. They have a dark tan body with white socks and white butts. Banteng are slightly smaller than domestic cattle weighing in around 1,500 pounds.

Banteng are a separate species from Scrub Bull (Feral Ox) which are also offered by Australian Outfitters as part of the Bovine Species of the World or a South Pacific Slam.

Australia is the only place in the world to hunt Banteng! Australian Outfitters by Andrew Mackay offers a great hunting adventure on the Cobourg Peninsula for these unique creatures.

For information on the prices of Banteng Hunts, please check out the Australian Outfitters Price-List page.

Generally, you will hunt a spot and stalk style hunt from one of several specially outfitted 4×4 vehicles. All hunting trucks have a winch, satellite phone, GPS, first aid kit, and other necessary off road gear for your convenience.

Australian Outfitters by Andrew Mackay provides firearm rental for $100 USD (plus ammo).

A firearms license is required for hunting with any firearm in Australia. Download the application below.

To enter Australia, you must have a Tourist Visa. It is a quick online application and fee. Apply Here.

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