BushCamp Cooking

Bush Camp Cooking

Here at Australian Outfitters, we pride ourselves in serving delicious meals. Even when we are spike camping, we do not skimp on quality or quantity.

Coral tree provides good, hot coals for cooking steaks, porkchops, sausages and vegetables. This meal in this photo is South African Borewors style buffalo sausages served with fire roasted onions and peppers and fresh baked potatoes. The sausages are made from buffalo meat and hog meat harvested by our hunters and processed in camp. Served in a variety of flavors, Borewors, Spicy Italian, Breakfast, Sweet and Savoury, the sausages are handmade in camp.

My goal as a camp manager is to make sure no client ever leaves camp hungry. Meals are made to reflect your eating preferences and portion desires. Meal time is time to relax and socialize. Take and chair and let me treat you to wonderful, campfire inspired delicacies.